Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm bAAAaack

Clearly............I've dropped the ball. I kept putting off posting a new blog because I kept getting overwhelmed with all the things I needed to post. A lot has happened between September and now, things I really wanted to blog about. Our 5 year anniversary in October, Thanksgiving  in Alabama, Christmas, time with family, time with friends, sweet times around the house. But the time has come for me to come face to face with those overwhelmed feelings and wave my white flag and just surrender. It's just not gonna happen. I will just say all those things were incredibly awesome, leave it at that, and start fresh. As I come across pictures I may post things from time to time for my own memories sake, but I'm ready to blog again so I'm just going to give up on "catching up".

So last week we went to Disney World! Yep, that's read it right...........D.I.S.N.E.Y.......W.O.R.L.D.  Blue and I were counting down the days until we went and that day finally came. We COULD NOT WAIT to see Campbell's face when she saw the castle for the first time and when she got to meet all of the princesses and, of course, Piglet. She is in a MAJOR princess phase. When I say she wears her little princess dresses all day, I mean that in the  most literal way I can mean it. For example, one morning I woke up to the sound of her yelling from from her bed, "Mommy! I need my princess dress! And my princess shoes! And my crown!" The girls feet hadn't even hit the floor yet. Part of my job description is apparently a "Lady in Waiting." :) I think this phase is so precious to watch. Today I caught her picking up each dress, holding it up to her, twirling while holding it and saying "thank you so much.....thank you so much" as if someone was telling her how beautiful she was. Is that not so cute, ha???? Anyway, back to Disney World............She was on cloud 9 when she met the princesses. She just ran straight up to them and hugged them. You could tell she already thought they were best friends. And throughout the entire day in the park she would periodically tell us she needed to go back to "her castle". When I asked her who lived in the castle she said, "Cinderella............and Sleeping Beauty...........and Snow White.........and ME." I love that girl so much. Piper had a good time too! She smiled a lot when she saw Winnie the Pooh, Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse. She leaned in and tried to eat the nose off of every character and almost took off Minnie's glove, probably causing a traumatic experience for every child standing nearby, but she loved it! :) We ended up eating at the Crystal Palace (the place where you eat with all the Winnie the Pooh characters) so the girls got to meet Piglet and the whole gang. We found out that was the only place you could meet Piglet so going there was a no-brainer. In case anyone forgot, Piglet is Campbell's best friend and security blanket.

It was The. Best. Trip. Ever. We are already counting down the days before we can go again.  It was so, so nice to just get away and have time together as a family. Thanks so much to Susan and Mark for giving us your RCI points so we could go down there:)

It. Was. "Magical." :)

Campbell wearing her Cinderella dress and looking at Cinderella in the parade

Tired at the end of the day

Piper pumped and ready to start the day

Campbell with Mickey and Minnie

Us staring into the sunlight

Campbell telling Sleeping Beauty that she just met Cinderella and Belle

Blue and Piper at Rainforest Cafe

Campbell all geared up for the Mickey 3-D movie

Waiting for the fireworks to start. Campbell is clearly excited.

Campbell on the teacups

I think Piper is trying to figure out how to start chewing on Belle's nose

Piper hanging out in what HAS to be the best set-up ever. The middle of a bunch of pillows.

Tigger had a great nose to grab and Piper wasn't going to let the opportunity pass without taking a swing at it

For the life of me, I can not turn this picture

Not a great picture of any of us.........but you gotta have the classic castle pic:)


  1. Thank you for sharing your family memories with all of us. As I read your story about Disney it made me think of when we went with our kids for the first time. The best time ever. I love reading about you and all the Bryan's. Keep up the Blog!

  2. I Love this!! I got so tickled about Piper pulling off the glove! Oh, how my heart literally hurts, I miss you so much!! Our babies should be growing together!! I love you dearly, best friend!

  3. Heather...Your children are beautiful! I am so glad you and your family had a great trip! I LOVE that place!

  4. Great blog Heather! I love the part about Campbell twirling around with her dresses and thanking everyone! LOL! That girl really does play the part! And that is hilarious that Piper was pulling everyones nose off! Sooo cute! Can't wait to see you guys again!